Michael Luciano

Michael Luciano is a multi-talented 24-year-old singer and songwriter. He is also a Latin musician with a distinct difference; this proud son of Dominican and Italian parents was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey. The influence of Latin culture on the East Coast has brought an influx of vibrant music and art, blending the traditions of Las Americas with urban life. It’s this feeling that gives Michael Luciano’s music a raw edge; it’s cool and sultry with realness you can only find on the East Coast.

For Michael music is in his blood, his Venezuelan born father, had a life long love affair playing the Cuatro. During the 90’s Michael’s older brother was a burgeoning rapper and his mother was an ever-present connoisseur of good music. She provided the soundtrack to his home life; everybody from Selena Quintanilla to Johnny Ventura to Elton John and Celine Dion played a part in Michael’s musical education.

“Music made the call and I answered. For as long back as I can recall, my life
has been defined by music. From singing along to the tunes my father
played to performing in the various bands that I was part of in school, music has been the focus of my entire life“

Fiercely intelligent and intuitive, his exceptional grades earned Michael a place in the gifted and talented school program. He wrote and produced his first song when he was 12 years old and he quickly learned to play the Cello, Saxophone, Piano and Steel Drums.

Michael was blessed with an innate ability to write, his songs are personal, heartfelt and passionate, writing poetic soliloquies about love, loss, relationships and heartbreak. To Michael music is the ultimate expression of life, allowing him to paint a moving picture through sound.

The diversity of Michael’s background and his local neighborhood has given his music a universal appeal. He’s a risk taker and a groundbreaker, fusing his musical soundscapes with rock and Hip Hop, alongside more traditional tropical rhythms of Salsa, Vallenato, Bachata and Merengue.

He’s a shrewd businessperson as well as an evolving singer, songwriter and producer. It’s clear Michael Luciano is poised for international success. The future looks very bright for this Latin music superstar in the making.
















Michael Luciano - Sigo Enamorado